Lotus Temple a Jewel in the architectural heritage of Delhi

Lotus Temple is the place of worship for the followers of Bhai Faith in India. This is an beautifull piece of architecture constructed in Delhi. The shape of the Building Resembles a bud of the lotus flower opening out. Since a lotus is found in water thus water pools have been provided on all the sides of the temple. The building interior is kept cool by creating a natural air circulation wherein the air travels into the building after flowing over the cool water surrounding it. Light travels into the temple through openings created in between the opening petals which gives you a heavenly feeling while sitting in it.

Main Entrance Peacock Gate. Entrance Gate Pathway to the Lotus Temple
From Architectural point of View some other features their are the main gates as shown above extremely interesting is the design of the Peacock gate.The Pathway to the temple is made of black delhi stone with its borders made of white cement mixed with white marble chips and surrounded by lush green landscaped gardens.
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