Khajuraho is truly an architects dream with the immaculate planning visible in the structures, it shows how advanced the vastushilpis ( architects) of that centurey were shown above is the Lakshmana temple in all its colours at night and then in the day. Along side is the Jain temple. As we go along in this aticle we shall showcase various architecture features and carvings of the khajuraho temples through photographs.The pictures above and below showcase the architectural profile of the temples.
In general the temples are planned starting with a basement portion for raising the main platform so that the mandir is fully visible from long distances and is also saved from acts of nature over a long time period. We show below how the base ment portion was slowly stepped to give a neat ascending and spreading look and then the base of the temple on the platform in the next few photographs.
Some details of the mouldings at the base level are given below and details of pillars, arches, brackets, carvings and top domes are given on the next pages.