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  India Guniting Corporation is an premier organisation involved in providing state of the art solutions to the construction industry in the fields of Civil Construction, Rehabilitation of existing structures, Interior Decoration Works and Waterproofing.
  Since its incorporation in 1988 India Guniting Corporation has been in the forefront of bringing new technologies in the construction field and has specialised in the fields of Rehabilitation of old structures such as Hotels, Palaces, Multistoreyed Commercial Complexes, Industrial plants, Fertiliser plants, High rise Chimneys, Road Bridges and Airport Buildings. We protect structures from further deterioration and restrengthen them for long life as per International Standards.
  Since our incorporation we have also been at the forefront of finding solutions for complex waterproofing situations and have been able to provide long term waterproofing solutions to the satisfaction of our numerous prestigious clients in various parts of India.
We do Rehabilitation of existing structures with free flow micro - concrete, Epoxy Mortars, Polymer modified cementitious mortars, Glass fibre and various other treatments as per international standard rehabilitation of multistoreyed buildings, bridges and other civil projects.
  We do Internal lining of Chimneys in Power plants and undertake repair of high rise chimneys.
  We do application of Insulating Castables/ Dense Castables and refractory material application for Reformers, Fertilizer plants.
We do waterproofing of structures with a variety of systems and procedures as per site requirement such as -
1. A. P. B. membranes.
2. Polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating.
3. Polymer based spray applied waterproofing membrane with 2000 percent ultimate elongation.
4. Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating.
  5. Injection Grouting with various grouts as per the site conditions.
  We do various other waterproofing systems as per International Standards as per site requirements.
  We undertake Interior Decoration of Hotels, Restaurants, Offices and Company Showrooms on Turnkey basis.
  1. Rehabilitation of Bridge at Ring road, Chirag Delhi, Delhi. India. 2003 45 Lacs P.W.D.
  2. Repair of Cracks due to Earthquake at Lok Nayak Bhavan, Delhi. India 2003 35 Lacs NDMC
  3. Waterproofing of Lok Nayak Bhavan, Delhi. India. 2003 35 Lacs NDMC
  4. Special repairs of Mohan Singh Place, Connaught Place, Delhi. India. 2002 65 Lacs NDMC
  5. Rehabilitation of various portions at Talkatora Stadium. Delhi. India 2002 20 Lacs NDMC
  6. Waterproofing of Terraces at Talkatora Stadium. 2002 20 Lacs NDMC
  7. Waterproofing of Terrace and Swimming Pool at Nehru Park Club, Delhi. India 2002 10 Lacs NDMC
  8. Waterproofing of Terrace of Palika Bazar, Connought Place, Delhi India 2002 40 Lacs NDMC
  9. Rhabilitation and Special repairs to Palika Bazar, Connaught Place, Delhi. 2001 25 Lacs NDMC
  10. Rehabilitation of bridge on Ring road at Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi. 2001 28 Lacs P. W. D.
  11. Special repair of Defence Colony Flyover bridge by Shot creting/ Guniting work on Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Delhi. 2000 60 Lacs M. C. D.
  12. Refractory, Removal and lining work in " Torricone Portion " of secondary reformer. 2000 15.5 Lacs Indo Gulf Corp. Ltd. Jagdish Pur. India
  13. Gunniting refractory lining in Ammonia - I reformer. 1999 15 Lacs IIFCO Phulpur
  14. Specialised structural repairs of Jeevan Prakash Building at New Delhi.. 1999 11 Lacs N.D.M.C.
  15. Rehabilitation / special repairs to 9th and 10th floor of Chanderlok Building, Delhi. 1999 35 Lacs N.D.M.C.
  16. G E/O S/R to 705 ( 360 + 345 ) qtrs. at Kali Bari Marg ( J& H Pkt. ) DIZ area New Delhi ( SH:- Repair to Coloumns, Beams, Stringer Beams of R.C.C structures. 1998 23.3 Lacs C.P.W.D.
  17. Remodelling of Players building near I.G. Stadium Complex, New Delhi. 1998 32 Lacs P.W.D.
  18. Repair and Improvement of Pucca Work of Goverdhan Drain. 1997 17 Lacs Irrigation Department Rajasthan
  19. Rehabilitation and Strengthening of existing RCC Coloumns, Beams, Roofs, Chajjas, Balconies slabs of various blocks at M.C.D. Flats, R- Block G.K. - 1, C12/S.I. New Delhi.. 1997 52.5 Lacs M. C. D.
  20. Gunniting refractory lining in Ammonia - I reformer. 1999 15 Lacs IIFCO Phulpur
  21. Short- crete / Guniting work of underground power house including pressure shaft, Butterfly valve chamber, Blower room, Pump room and connected Tunnels to the Chukna Hydel Project.. 1997 79 Lacs Chukna Hydel Project. Chukha District.
  22. Rehabilitation of Coloumns and Beams of Times of India building. 1996 25.5 Lacs Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.
  23. Renusagar Power expansion stage IV and V - Bunker Guniting for Coan Bunkers of Boilers No. 7, 8 & 9. 1996 25 Lacs Hindalco Industries Ltd. Renusagar Power Division.
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